Think you might be having a stroke? Call 911

Most strokes are caused by a blocked artery that starves an area of the brain of it’s blood supply, leading to an abrupt loss of brain function.



This can lead to the sudden onset of:

Paralysis on one side (including a drooping face):


Loss of vision in one eye or to one side:

Visual loss

Or a change in speech:


If you think you’re having a stroke, get yourself to the hospital right away!


There’s a FDA approved treatment for acute stroke which can open up that blocked artery, and increase your chances of getting  better, but only if administered within a few hours of the onset of your symptoms, and even then sooner the better.

When you’re having a stroke, time is brain!

time is brain

However, studies show that less than 5% of acute stroke patients get this clot busting therapy, mostly because they do not get the hospital in time.

A recent study found that only 2/3 of stroke patients came to the hospital by ambulance.   Furthermore, if they did come by ambulance, they were 50% more likely get the clot busting therapy.


So, if you think you are having a stroke, ACT FAST, call 911 and get to the hospital right away!

On May 11, 1989, President George Bush signed Presidential Proclamation 5975 designating May as National Stroke Awareness Month at the urging of National Stroke Association.

Since then, the National Stroke Association has been honoring this special time of the year to increase public awareness of stroke in an effort to conquer it.

stroke aware

Check our “events” tab for special stroke awareness month educational events emphasizing this message.

Find out more about Monmouth’s innovative TIA center and certified stroke program.

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