2014 AAN Clerkship Directors’ Meeting

Thanks for taking the time and having the interest to find out more about our project!

More about Neurology eLearning at Monmouth/Drexel:

All students and residents on neurology rotations work through our on-line eLearning course.

We use this blog format to communicate, review their curriculum, and have them take a clinical neurology test.

We also have each of them write a blog post (example 1, example 2, example 3) as one of their assignments during the rotation


More about the Speech and Language eLearning Project:

Here’s an on-line copy of the poster:


Here are links to the 3 formats used in the study:

eLearning Format 1
eLearning Format 2
eLearning Format 3

All of the quiz questions are in google.doc format, so the answers are sent directly back to my google account.

Thanks again for your interest.

Please fell free to contact me at nholland@neurologyspecialists.org if you would like any further information!


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