Drexel Neurology Clerkship at MMC

We are looking forward to having you join us at Monmouth for your neurology clerkship.

We are using an on-line teaching tool during this rotation, www.holland-neurology.org.

This is a password protected site, and you will received a log-in ID and password by email.

You are required to review all the “courses” in Group 1.

If you will be attending MDA clinic during the rotation, I would suggest that you try and review the Neuromuscular course in Group 2 before clinic.

In addition to the Drexel clerkship requirements, all MMC neurology students:

1. Write at least one blog post for this site (Neurology Update blog) and you will be sent a separate email invitation to become a contributor. You should blog about an interesting case or topic, and include links, imaging and videos.

2. Take an on-line clinical test at the end of the rotation (click here for link). The password will be provided during the last week of the course.

Click here to download a hard copy of the MMC Drexel Neurology Clerkship curriculum

Please feel free to email me with any questions that may come up before you start.

Neil Holland


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