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I hope you find this blog interesting, and that you will check back frequently to find out more about  new neurologic programs, services  and therapies.


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Dr Neil R. Holland

12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi dr Holland
    Sadly you were right. I asked you a question under the name of Jean in September 2013 (look above). I came back with a few other question which you answered.
    Last time you told me to have another advice on my case by another neurologis. Sadly this one is positive I have ALS no doubt. Thank you for your advice.I had been with him for 21 month receiving IVIg every 15 days.
    Question now have you heard about Genervon and a medecine called GM6 ?
    TY have a great year

  2. Dr. Holland. my left arm goes numb like you hit your funny bone. The fingers go numb. It only lasts for a short while. I can induce it by raising my left arm or lean on the rm on an arm rest. Or, raise my left arm. Dr. Pierson thinks it is a pinched nerve. I have gone to Seaview orthopedics for other hand and pinched nerve problems. What do you suggest.
    Robert Kamienski

    • Robert – Thanks for the message, but I can’t really discuss personal medical issues on the blog, pls call Carol at 732-935-1850 and schedule a follow-up visit so I can evaluate you.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for your answer. Nervousness and axiété are part of my life since I found atrophy of my hand, my arm, and that began twitching and cramps. As a MNNBC seems to be a disease diagnosed by a process of elimination, a doubt remain it is something else.I think, I was expecting very fast results with IVIG, but obviously it works slowly. Is there any other way to confirm the diagnosis of an MMNBC and thank you again for the assistance you provide.By the way I am a male 60 years old. They told me this must have started years ago

  4. Hello
    I have been diagnosed with Multifocal Motor Neuropathy with conduction block 5 months ago. On the first electromyogram NO ”F waves” were shown. After receiving IVIG several times ( 7 ) now he can see these F waves. What does it means ? I still have fasciculations ( a lot ) and a few cramps right bicep and right hand.

    • Thanks for you message Jean. The F-wave is an electrophysiologic test that tells us above conduction through the motor nerves far away from the stimulation site close to the spinal cord. The return of absent F-waves probably means that the IVIG has reversed some “proximal” conduction block and could be an early sign that the treatment is working and you are getting better. Find out more about MMN, F-waves, and absent F-waves.

  5. Dr. Holland,

    I have been diagnosed by the process of exclusion with Parsonage-Turner Syndrome by a neurosurgeon. I believe the surgeon is first rate and was careful in his analysis of my puzzling case. However, there seem to be certain inconsistencies in my case which may not match with PTS. The surgeon admits that he is not overly familiar with PTS. I certainly am not, nor am I trained in medicine. However, I am a quick study and very analytical.

    I know you cannot practice medicine over the internet, but, since I reside in West Texas and You in NJ, I thought some correspondence back and forth might be the only thing possible. I think my case might pose enough mystery to make it of interest to you.

    Thank you for your attention to my request.


    • Rick – Thanks for your comment. As you say, the purpose of this blog is neurology education and not the practice of medicine. If you have concerns about your diagnosis with ongoing medical issues, you should seek (another) neurology consultation. If you would be willing share some details about your case which might be of interest to other readers/followers of this blog, then please feel free do so in the Parsonage-Turner post, and I will be happy to comment on them. Good luck.

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