Internal Medicine Residents

Welcome to the neurology rotation.

Click here is a link to the goals and objectives for the rotation.

Here is a list of the core competencies we expect you to master during the rotation, with links to appropriate internal and external sources of information.

    1. Perform a focused neurologic examination
    2. Distinguish syncope from seizure
    3. Distinguish primary from secondary generalized seizures
    4. Management of first seizure
    5. Management of status epilepticus
    6. Know when a brain imaging study is indicated for a headache patient
    7. Abortive and prophylactic treatment of migraine headache
    8. Distinguish essential tremor from Parkinson’s disease
    9. Distinguish Parkinson’s disease from other extrapyramidal syndromes
    10. Distinguish delirium from dementiaManagement of acute delirium
    11. Distinguish Alzheimer’s from MCI and other dementias
    12. Management of acute ischemic stroke
    13. Management of intracerebral hemorrhage
    14. Evaluation of the coma patient
    15. Distinguish peripheral from central vertigo
    16. Diagnose BPPV and perform the Epley maneuver
    17. Diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis
    18. Evaluation of acute muscle weakness
    19. Management of back pain and radiculopathy

Click here for a link to the video test you are required to take at the end of the rotation – you will be given a on-time access password.



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