Monmouth Neuroscience Research


Research Presented at Meetings:

2013 International Stroke Meeting

2013 Medical Student Research at Drexel

2013 Drexel Research Day

2013 Ellen Cosgrove Awards for Resident Research at Monmouth Medical Center

Monmouth TIA Center Data Presented at 2013 Drexel Discovery Day

Monmouth TIA Center Concept Presented at the 2013 Care Continuum Alliance Meeting

Nerve Injury Mini-symposium at the 2013 American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Meeting

2014 International Stroke Meeting

2014 New Jersey Stroke Conference



TIA Evaluation – Is Hospitalization Really Necessary?



Nerve allograft transplantation for functional restoration of the upper extremity: case series.

When should nitroglycerine be avoided in hypertensive encephalopathy?

Neurophysiological assessment of thoracic and cervical pedicle screw integrity.

Acute myelopathy with normal imaging.

Monmouth Neurology elearning: A standardized online clinical education and assessment tool for neurology clerkship students assigned to multiple sites

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